Incident Management

Incident Management can be as simple as a single vehicle that requires towing to a full blown recovery. It can also get extremely complicated with numerous moving parts. Some of these parts could involve Fire/Rescue, Paramedics, Police, State Highway Patrol, HazMat, and Spill Response.

Automotive Support responds to tens of thousands of Traffic Incidents each year. Our team of trained and experienced first responders along with our first-class equipment regularly assist these other responders at the incident scene.

Often the other Emergency Responders will depart the scene once they have dealt with the incident emergency at hand, leaving the Automotive Support team to ensure there is a safe and efficient removal of the wrecked or disabled casualty from the incident scene.

Here is a sampling of the Incident Management that we provide:

  • Accident Cleanup
  • Environmental Spill Response
  • Site Remediation, Cleanup & Restoration
  • Soil Excavation
  • Analytical Sampling
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Disinfecting Services (COVID-19, Pathogen Outbreaks)

In Loving Memory of

John Hessman, Jr.

October 28, 1959 – August 10, 2005